Bakugan: Life Gauge Rules

Alright, so, for those of you who know, I like to do templates… especially alternate game rules.
So, today, while it seems rather kiddy in the eyes of many, I am going to put up a more fair ruling for a usually fan-made rule for Bakugan.

I’m mainly doing this as I look around a lot for a good well-balanced custom ruling for this. Sadly all I see is people making it in the favor of THEIR Bakugan.

So, here’s how this is going to go, some of you may have seen Bakugan: New Vestroia, those of you in America, probably have not.

The rule is the Life Gauge Rule.

Alright, so here’s how it goes, first off, the minimum requirements:

1 Bakugan
3 Gate Cards
3 Ability Cards
1 Trap (Optional)

So, how it goes is this, first you and your friends decide the number of your LG (Life Gauge). The minimum is 1000, however you may increase it in multiples of 500.
If you’re playing a big game, then it’s suggsted you go with 2000

Next, players decide on the number of Bakugan they’ll use, the maximum is 6.

Next, Gate Cards and Ability Cards. There is no maximum requirement, but all players MUST use the same amount of Gate Cards and Ability Cards.
Remember though, the numbers don’t have to be exact for Gate Cards and ability cards. You could have maybe…5 Gate Cards, and 10 Ability Cards.

Lastly, decide on the number of Traps if you’d like to use them. Even if someone doesn’t have traps, you are still allowed to use Traps. The maximum number is 3.

Now, onto battling. First off, I’d like to clarify some common rules:

– Rules involving Special Bakugan (Clear, Translucent, Pearl, etc.) remain intact.
– Throwing distances, it must remain at a minimum of 2 Cards away from the target.

Now, here are some MAJOR changes, so you’ll have to listen up.

– After a Battle Between 2 or More Bakugan is resolved, the gate card is NOT captured, it is put in the owner’s used pile, and the Bakugan is returned to them, not captured unless under the capturing ruling which will soon be mentioned.
– The same goes for Ability Cards, once they are used, they are put in the owner’s used zone.
– If as player cannot play any more Ability cards, they may move their used Ability cards back to their hand.
– If a player runs out of Gate Cards, the same occurs for Gate Cards.
– Once a battle is lost, the loser takes damage to their LG equal to the winning Bakugan’s G-Power at the time of victory.
– Bakugan that have been defeated can be re-used if they are not captured.
– If a Bakugan is knocked off the card, it is counted as defeated, but no damage will be given and the Gate Card remains in play.

Capturing Bakugan:

When a Bakugan loses a battle by 500 or more G-Power, the winner captures the loser’s Bakugan and returns it once the game is over. But the one who captures it CANNOT use it during the game.

Double and Triple Abilities:

To keep a fair method of using double abilities, you can use them as two abilities at the same time, but if they conflict with the other (such as using one that has to activate later on while also using one that has to activate at the exact moment, thus, they cannot be used since they cannot be used at the same time), you may not use them. The same applies for Triple Abilities. Also, during a battle, a player can activate up to 3 abilities.

Counter Abilities:

Counter Abilities are the same thing as using an ability card by taking turns, however, unlike the other ruling, once both players are done playing abilities, they can choose to activate another one and give their opponent the same option, this can be used up until both players have used 3 cards.


Q – Two of my own Bakugan land on a gate card?
A: Your Bakugan return to you and the gate card goes in it’s owner’s used pile.

Q – All our Bakugan are on Gate Cards and we have no more to play?
A: Return all Bakugan that are on Gate Cards to their owners.

Q – I have no more Bakugan left to throw, most have been captured, but I have one in play, does that mean I lose?
A: No, the whole “stand” rule applies here. It stays in play as if you threw it that turn. Only if all your Bakugan are captured, you lose.

Q – Do the same rules of battling apply to this set of rulings?
A: Yes, everything except capturing Gate Cards and Bakugan (with the exception of the Capturing Bakugan rules) is played the way it is.

Deciding the winner:

A player is out of the game once either all their Bakugan have been captured (captured Bakugan return to the player after they are out) OR if their LG reaches 0, the last one still able to play wins the game.

Optional Rulings:

Large Bakugan – These are normally not allowed, but if other players agree on it, they can be used.

Special Conditions in 4-Player Battles.

– Mainly the only thing in 4-Player battles, is that the players decided a method of choosing who goes first and then deciding the play order from there, mainly via numerical values on dice rolls is the best way to go.

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