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Regarding The Shonen Jump Reviews

As some of you may have noticed, I have recently stopped reviewing Shonen Jump Issues. I have now started and have switched these over to a new section of the site called Tatakau no Koma. You can find it on … Continue reading

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Bakugan Life Gauge Rules – Forgot to mention some things.

My apologies if some of you playing these rules have found out, you’re probably wondering “What happens if two of my Bakugan land on the same gate card and it isn’t a double battle?” Well, the Bakugan are returned, and … Continue reading

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Bakugan: Life Gauge Rules

Alright, so, for those of you who know, I like to do templates… especially alternate game rules. So, today, while it seems rather kiddy in the eyes of many, I am going to put up a more fair ruling for … Continue reading

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