Yusei’s Duel Disk Prototype or Full Product?

While looking around the net I came across this preview image of Yusei’s Duel Disk before it was shown in Shonen Jump.

The Prototype of Yuseis Duel Disk... yeah, it looks THAT terrible.

This one looks a lot more terrible than the one seen in Shonen Jump...

I guess we’ll have to wait and see when the full product comes out.

Also, worst idea so far:

So let me get this straight..it FLIPS the cards? The point in that is?..

So let me get this straight..it FLIPS the cards? The point in that is?..

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5 Responses to Yusei’s Duel Disk Prototype or Full Product?

  1. Hikari no Ryuuou says:

    Yeah, the Wrist Dealer sucks pretty badly. Hopefully the Yusei Duel Disk will be alright; I want to say it can’t be worse than the Mattel ones, but we all know it could very well be. Especially since the Academy Duel Disk wasn’t all that bad.

  2. yuki judai says:

    too be honest from the looks of it it looksl ikt the wrist dealer has to be connected to the duel disk if u look closely

    • That seems to be true for this particular model, but this is not the one that’s being released. The one that they are releasing will clearly not require the failure that was the wrist dealer:


      • dragonwrath7 says:

        True, but it DOES have the annoying flippy-thingy. I’ve seen a picture of this thing where the little white things on top of the monster card zones are actually attached to the cards and used to flip them up. Stupidest idea ever. Seriously, they should stop trying to make flashy “cool” stuff and actually make A FUNCTIONAL DUEL DISK! It’s seriously not that hard. If I had the time and patience, I could easily build a wooden duel disk that doesn’t have ANY of the problems we’ve seen in disks so far, except it wouldn’t have an LP counter. It would also be way too heavy.
        Here’s what such a disk can do:
        1. Deck Zone holds up to 100 (sleeved) cards, and is spring-based to hold the cards in place.
        2. Graveyard… same as deck.
        3. Has an RFP zone… same as deck.
        4. Has an extra deck zone that can easily hold 15 cards, spring-based.
        5. Bottom of the disk is covered, so the cards in the S/T zone aren’t visible from below.
        6. Has a Field card zone that holds the card securely in place, same as S/T zone.
        7. Monster zone has “over”-corners that hold the cards in place without bending them or covering any important details.

        Now THAT is a duel disk. The only problems are a missing LP counter and overweight.

        Why can’t they make something like this?

  3. Daniel says:

    True. But the even without the useless junk, the others were still bulky. A better disk should be funtional but also just a little more slender. Not so much as to change whole look but just slightly less bulky

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