Shonen Jump Yu-Gi-Oh! News (MUST SEE FOR FANS)

This issue of Shonen Jump has brought to light, many of the Yu-Gi-Oh Fans concerns for 5D’s and their questions about the Yugi Duelist Pack.

A quick message though, as this issue does not contain Tragodia as everyone thinks it will, it includes no promo card at all. Shonen Jump However shall be making up for this in the September issue where it’s confirmed that the promo card will be Elemental Hero Gaia.

Anyway, so far Yugi’s Duelist Pack does contain a copy of Dark Magician, so far we don’t know if it will be Arcana’s Dark Magician though. But we will however be seeing Dark Magician Girl’s third alternative artwork. It also contains Sorcerer of Dark Magic and Exchange.

Another news point is that we’ll be seeing the new Duel Disk around Fall 2009. So far I can spot the following:


– Life Point Meter now goes up to 5 Digits instead of the casual 4. Whether or not this spot will be used or not depends on how high your life points go.
– The dueling zone now has a card grip you can use to hold your cards tighter onto the duel disk.
– Classic Open and Close design from the original 1st Generation Duel Disk has returned.
– A non-loose Graveyard area.
– Spell or trap cards are inserted through the front of the duel disk making it harder to see the cards underneath for the opponent, and making it easier for the player to see.


– Seemingly flat design may be uncomfortable to use. (Trust me on this one, I cosplayed as Rua (Leo in the dub) for 3 days at Anime North, and my Duel Disk was made to be flat so it can stay on, it was however uncomfortable)
– Lack of a field card zone. (This may be corrected as like the rest of the duel disks, it is hidden on the bottom)
– Seems to have a lack of space for Card Sleeves. (This may also be corrected later on)

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