Sorry for the lack of upates again!

My apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve been really sick lately and completely distracted with school!

I’ll sum things up for you

Regarding Podcast:
– Podcast will be more about other things, what you ask? I don’t know yet.

Space Hunter Nero:
– I’ve been working on revamping the old pages, but sadly, I need to work on school more. Once in a while there will be a few pages of updates, but that’s about it, when it gets to the summer, I will definitely be more active with the comic!

Shonen Jump Reviews:
– I now have a subscription, this means I will be getting the issues early now, and will be able to have more time to review them by the time it gets put on store shelves. Also, they will no longer be done in podcasts, they will be written in posts.

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