Shonen Jump February 2009 Review

The time has come to jump ahead!

February 2009 Issue Cover

Alright, to start things off with the issue reviews, we have issue 2 in 2009. The February issue! These will be categorized by the Manga shown in order, as well as some articles. So without further ado…

Naruto – First off, Shonen Jump is seriously behind in Naruto that the March issue will see a HUGE jump by over 30 chapters. They are still at the searching for Sasuke point.
6/10 – Gets points for at least remaining good.

One Piece – Quite insane, as One Piece always is, though I do believe they are also very behind and may be jumping forward in March as well.
5/10 – Behind, and it’s getting tiring seeing Shonen Jump censor cleavage.

Slam Dunk – I am not really into these types of Manga, but I decided to try giving it a read, I must say that it is a pretty nice Manga, it’s also very funny as well.
8/10 – Cute story, nice cast of characters, and non-insane humor.

Yu Yu Hakasho – The characters are done with their training and decide to head home. But Yusuke is troubled by not fighting much anymore and seems to be tempted to pick fights. So he searches for help with his problem.
7/10 – I don’t read Yu Yu Hakasho much, but it is still a interesting story.

BoBoBo – Bo Bo – BoBo – Funny as hell, this series constantly amuses me with all the randomness that goes on.
9/10 – Very funny series, and I mean come on, we get to see Super BoBo! AKA, Super Market BoBo trained by Tuna!

Bleach – The Soul Reapers continue their fight with the Arrancars, Tsubaki is repaired and Orihime meets another person with the same powers as her. Captain Aizen however has his sights set on her.
8/10 – Good, but again, Matsumotou’s cleavage is horribly edited. Whoever does the editing for this needs to be fired because they make it too obvious.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX – Syrus continues his mathematical-continuity-challenged incorrect duel with Chazz, honestly, you have to friggin play the card game to understand the main issues with this chapter. The math is all wrong, and I’m not smart at math, it’s just obviously and clearly – severely wrong. Whoever does the translations for Yu-Gi-Oh GX’s manga needs to be fired for poor translation on top of their poor basic math skills.
3/10 – Nice story for it, but some pages got repeated over again for no apparent reason making it kind of confusing. Not only that, but the translations seem to be horribly done.

Promo Card: Your basic Naruto Uzumaki card, a one-shot effect you can abuse, as well as being the strongest Naruto when in injured status. Use him for his effect then beat the living crap out of him on purpose to get a 6/0 Genin with Clone Status and Growth.

Naruto February 2009 Promo - Click image for larger version.

Naruto February 2009 Promo - Click image for larger version.

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