Moe Franchises + Card Game = Moe Card Battle?

When I checked the stats on the blog today, I noticed an interesting referrer. BT_Angelic_Hazard of the Disgaea Akai Tsuki forums posted a topic about a Disgaea trading card game mistakingly confusing my card project for the real thing. Though I have ditched that project. But one of the links BT posted seemed to catch my eye. An actual store link?! Well, pictures are a lot better than words so…

Well, looks like there are 3 series’ so far! Not much is known about each card game right now, but it’s obvious they are all from the same card game. I guess we’ll be seeing a UFS attempt with Moe characters in Japan! More news about this later once I get more info.

Edit: This is a card game called “Project Revolution and it does indeed include the mentioned franchises. It is literally a Moe Card Battle game.

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