Introducing the Shonen Jump Widget!

Some of you may know, I am an avid Shonen Jump fan, always trying to get the issues every month whenever I can (Though sadly I miss a lot, but my new years resolution is to keep up with it and buy every issue from now on). So I decided to put up a information widget showing the current Monthly Shonen Jump and it’s included promo. As well as the Japanese one. This also includes the “Read Manga Online” updates as well. Plus a link to recent reviews (Which I will be reviewing every new issue at some point) as well as other content like the current Tegami Bachi OVA. I am still looking for more types of widgets to add, but I currently have no idea what to do for those. I have added some of Shriek’s OCG news into the side-bar as well, to show info on the Yu-Gi-Oh OCG in Japan, as well as videos. I have also added the UFS Tournament schedule.

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One Response to Introducing the Shonen Jump Widget!

  1. Terrific tips throughout that article, anime consumes an excessive amount of my own work-time.

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