A new year, a new setup for UFS at BKG.

For those of you who know me personally, and participate in weekly UFS Tournaments I schedule at BKG, I have noticed many of you pay attention to my blog and come on here often, so I am making some time to get a message out to you. I know you’re subscribed probably, so this will probably reach your E-Mail pretty fast.

There are a couple of issues I am going to sort out in this post.

1. The time of the tournaments has changed from 6:00PM to 9:00PM – If this works out, then all will be fine and dandy, I know the older players are used to coming on time at 5:30PM though. If this doesn’t work out, it will be changed to 5:45PM. As such, each game will have a 35 Minute time limit. For kids and younger players, it is YOUR responsibility to tell your parents the time a tournament starts, not ours, if you’re late from a tournament, don’t cry about it or try to join in the middle, we know you think we’re being mean, but it just doesn’t work like that! If this time change causes problems such as a tournament not finishing in time, it will go back to the normal time, and it will be YOUR responsibility again.
2. Justin is now a scout as well, so treat him that way, if you need to ask any of us for ruling help, just simply ask.
3. Due to time limit changes and proper rulings; the tournaments rounds will not continue until the time is up. As such, if the opponent you are going to face next has completed their game, you are not to jump in and begin your match, you will wait until the time is up. This gives you time to do something you need to do urgently.
4. Tournaments will begin being posted on this site on the sidebar, they will state the date of the event and the type of event.
5. For the young players… It has taken me time and time again to try and get this message to you guys, but I believe it’s about time I got more serious about this one: Stop asking for more promo cards!!! There are many good reasons you should cut this out and learn that NO means NO!.
– Everyone gets one promo card, I don’t care how old you are, hell, I don’t care if your parents think it’s unfair that their little kid doesn’t get an exception, this game is not meant for little kids, that’s a fact, UFS is a card game clearly aimed at a teenage and adult audience, hence why there are barely any children who play it at all. Your age makes no difference, you get one promo card, that’s it. If you want more, try to aim for the top 3 in a tournament.
– We give you 2 promo cards sometimes, that’s us being generous, we have a kind side, but we dislike how you guys try to abuse this!
– We give you good enough promo cards! Haven’t you noticed that most of the promos we give out are from great events? We could give you some of the crappier old ones, but we don’t, we always put a large number of hard to find tournament exclusive cards in the random one-card all players get, just because an older player got a better one, doesn’t mean we’re being mean, it’s pure chance!
6. We are planning to do much bigger events, so keep paying attention here to find out which big events we’ll have!
7. Start getting used to the sanctioned format! It’s 2009, a lot more of your cards will be banned from these events in March, as you all know, we run things like this: We schedule sanctioned events, we get new cards and promos for the current format, but we really do legacy events so you guys can use your old cards. But we also do it to teach you a lesson, the more you use those old cards, the more likely you are to face someone with a pro-level deck, which, is the reason I’ve seen many of you lose, and complain. We expect ALL players to use decks in the current rotation, if you do not, you will not be allowed to enter a tournament.

I hope I made that all clear, and that you guys learned from this.

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