Sorry for the lack of Space Hunter Nero pages!

If you readers have noticed, on my Drunk Duck Page I haven’t updated Space Hunter Nero in a few weeks. There are a few good reasons behind this:

– It’s near the end of the school semester, so of course; I’m more focused on that.
– I play a lot of games, not much lately though, but when I do I always find time to draw pages.
– The artwork for the comic obviously, is rushed, I want to make Space Hunter Nero look better and not crappy; true my art skill isn’t perfect, but I’ve been practicing a lot lately, especially with backgrounds and objects, as well as creatures. I am trying my best to make my comics and art look good since I aim for a future career in the art industry.
– Adding onto the school work, is my animation class, which obviously has what’s called “Cell Animation” meaning I have to not only sketch out every single frame I am using, but I also have to trace said frames onto cells and paint them, then load them onto a computer and do further editing.
– Due to all of this, I mostly come home extremely tired and rest for a while.

This will be happening for a while, so don’t expect updates every Saturday for now like it says.

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