Halo ActionClix are not dead yet!

So I decided to talk to the friendly staff over at WizKids games about the future of the Halo Action Clix line of the Action Clix series games. I stressed that they haven’t made any new sets in ages, and wondered if they had been finished with HaloClix because of the fact people said it was a marketing tactic for supporting Halo 3. The response I got brightened up my day. Due to the high demand of Hero Clix, they have been focusing on that. However HaloClix is surely one of their most favorite games and they plan to continue it as soon as they can. I was also given a few hints that a Series 2 was in the planning stages, this is good news for HaloClix fans everywhere.

……I shake my fist at you comic book fanboys.. getting all the attention of Action Clix nowadays.

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