The main character called Ultimo, kick-ass looking isn't he?

The main character called Ultimo, kick-ass looking isn't he?

Okay, so here I was a few days ago with my friends going out to grab some grub after a UFS Tournament, we went around wondering what restaurant to eat at, first we tried some snacks and decided to go to a nearby Shoppers Drug Mart. We didn’t find anything we liked, so I just bought myself a copy of the September issue of Shonen Jump. Recently I decided to read it since I haven’t gotten a chance to yet. I must say, it’s very impressive.


The story starts with a man named Dr.Dunstan talking about how power is found in the heart. It is implied that after these scenes he committed suicide. During these scenes he talks about how Ultimo; the perfect good, and Vice; the perfect evil, are his last curse upon the world, they will awaken after the worlds last war.

Ultimo (left) and Vice (right)

Ultimo (left) and Vice (right)

1000 years later, a Noh Monster is attacking a city, Ultimo of course, being the perfect good, came to the city’s rescue. He then states that the creature is Vice in disguise using the power of his Gauntlet. Vice then reveals his identity and starts trash-talking Ultimo. The two begin a battle, out of anger, a soldier who used his vehicle, weapons, and war skills to represent himself, during Vice’s destruction he became angry and enraged. He then started firing his gun at Vice. Vice; confused about what it was then realized that it was mankind’s modern weaponery. He then uses his Gauntlet’s power to copy all their weapons, instantly creating a large barrage of guns. He then decides to put the humans at risk and begins to attack. Ultimo uses his Gauntlet’s shield power to protect them. Then comes in the “We don’t have to fight each other” line. Vice; angry and confused by his statement says that he was created to be the complete opposite of Ultimo, declaring himself Ultimo’s enemy. The battle continues on until Vice’s right arm is sliced off by Ultimo’s Crane Sword attack. As a last resort, Vice turns his other arm into a giant drum, when if used, it can destroy the entire city. Ultimo turns his legs into jets and rushes towards it to protect everyone. Ultimo’s speed avoids the blast and he quickly sends Vice into space, with relief; Ultimo was the victor. Because of this, both Ultimo and Vice were separated far away from the battle. It ends with our little freaked out soldier finding Vice’s severed arm, with the Gauntlet attached; he ends it saying that he can use it’s power. On another part of the planet, an old hiker finds Ultimo injured. It ends off there.

Personally, I loved it from the first chapter, the artwork and story is amazing. To top it off, it’s also a collaboration between Stan Lee; creator of X-Men and Spider Man, and Hiroyuki Takei; creator of Shaman King. I would love to see this series continue in Shonen Jump’s pages. I give it a 10/10.

If you’re up to getting the September 2008 issue of Shonen Jump, I highly recommend it, and if you’re a Yu-Gi-Oh player, you can also snag yourself a copy of the Dragonic Knight card.

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  1. zachary says:

    i just saw ultimo yesterday in shawnenjump its asoum

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