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So while in the store today, I found yet again, another bootlegged piece of garbage ripping off of not cards this time, but the Nintendo Wii.

lol bootleg

It tries to stray far from the Nintendo Wii, but it still has everything Wii Sports has and more, such as boxing, tennis, golf, bowling ball, and more.

Boxing looks pretty retarded since one of your enemies looks like Mary from King of Fighters with Grey hair, not only that, but THREE playable characters? Seriously, what the hell?

Obviously I didn’t buy this due to it’s expensive retail price (which is seriously a rip-off) of $50 to $70. All this for a system that probably cost 1 dollar to make? Wow…bootleggers sure are getting desperate.

If I find this for a cheaper price (as long as it’s below 10 dollars) I will get it though, till then, I definitely will not want to waste my money on it.

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