Disgaea Card Battle: Info and Card Preview

About a year or two ago, me and a friend of mine began working on a fan made Disgaea Card Game, however we were too busy, in total about 30 cards were made before we put it on hiatus, sadly, during this time the computer crashed and all of the cards stored were lost, I have decided to start this project up again for the Disgaea fans.

So here’s a preview of the front side of a character card, let’s start with my favorite shall we?

You’re probably wondering why the name is near the upper right of the card. There is a good explanation for that. My friend thought “Meh, if we let them name their character, people might go overboard.” True, we’d have to use name-specific cards at some point in time. However, now you can name your character while the cards only effect their Job, not their name.

I will be working on the cards from time to time, as these ones will take a whole lot of time starting with the characters. I have to multiply each stat by their Aptitude % for each level gain, so game-play wise, this card game will be canon to the video game itself. Geo Panels, Throwing, Prinny Explosions, all of it will be put in here. Even some unique styles only for this card game.

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5 Responses to Disgaea Card Battle: Info and Card Preview

  1. Elkat says:

    Well, it’s okay, but I would be more interested if there was more flavor in the card, like an effect. It’s a thief after all. Besides, how do you play the game? What are the conditions to loosing? What is the minimum/maximum card limit? How copies of a single card can you use? The whole name the generics whatever you wish is interesting, but I suggest adding something like a category bar to list several categories they fall into (i.e. D2 Thieves would probably fall into the Demon, Female, Thief categories.) Don’t mind, just a fellow Disgaea fan who wants to create his own Disgaea card game…

  2. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more things about this, I am a really fan of your blog…

  3. Fine work, I need to hear more from you.Are you working in a Group that you can make such a good Blog?

  4. Really terrific post. Theoretically I could write something like this too, but taking the time and effort to make a good article is a lot of effort…but what can I say….I’m a procrastinater. Good read though.

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