The New UFS License is…

Guilty Gear! That’s right, everyone’s long awaited and hoped for license has now joined the family of UFS.

I also managed to get a sneak preview at one of the cards.

Quite an amazing character card don’t you think? Finally, someone who does a good job using tokens for an advantage! She’ll go very well with a lot of Water cards, who knows, maybe she’ll even turn Water into a top resource symbol?

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One Response to The New UFS License is…

  1. ZISIZIT says:

    very nice fake card for our regretted favourite CCG.
    Is this carater card your creation?
    I’ve also created some funny caracters for UFS but my ressources symbole (infinity) and texts zones are not so clean than yours.
    Do you have a PNG file with your models to create such beautiful cards like this?
    Furthermore, I’m fond of the water ressource too (I had a fighting idylle withe :KILIK:)

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