My thoughts on the Chaotic TCG

For a while, I’ve had people ask me if I liked Chaotic, and they’ve constantly tried getting me into Chaotic. Every time I always say this “No, screw off and stop asking”.

My thoughts about Chaotic are that it’s a viral marketed Trading Card Game that 4Kids constantly edits the Wikipedia page for Chaotic to ensure that it has a good reputation.

Now, here is something that was said before.

Although new, Chaotic shows a new spin to the old Trading card game. Currently, the number of people playing Chaotic is over 60,000 and continues to grow at a rapid pace. With its easy to understand game play and online gaming (new for any TCG), Chaotic may be the first of a whole new generation of card games.

The new generation of card games is virally marketed? Now, it may not be just 4Kids doing all this, we also have a bunch of ass-kissers on the official Chaotic forums who try to get rid of any truth about Chaotic’s viral marketing techniques.

First off, the Criticism piece from the Reception section on the Wiki page, has been completely removed, so get ready for the truth everyone.

Chaotic first planned to produce the game around 2006, instead, they got people psyched up about it
and quickly smashed their hopes. After a year of lying about the release date, the game was finally released. During this time of lies, more official pictures were shown of what would be an awesome game, with excellent graphics, and completely in FLASH, which is not what Chaotic was. Many of us, even me, believed the game was excellent and bought a deck and a few packs before the release, quite a few of my friends did too. Sadly, our hopes were crushed by the bullshit they have as their game now. What we were shown was not what we were given, and it is still shown today on their products to get kids psyched about how awesome it looks. That was their target audience, as is the main target audience with kids who watch the show; however a lot of teens and adults play this game as well, some don’t mind the change, others like me however, do.

Another problem that is brought up is the fact that it’s a game that’s supposed to be in Flash. Why do we need a high quality graphics card to play a game with simply pictures of cards? Is it the special effects they added? I doubt it, even with special effects, the graphics are worse than Diablo, not that I’m saying I hate Diablo or anything, but even Diablo had better graphics than Chaotic.

In my entire view, Chaotic is nothing but a virally marketed fad that kids and teenagers became suckers for, the game itself does have a solid gameplay, I will give it that, but loses a huge amount of points for the way it’s marketed and the way they turned the online game into. I was hoping for an actual revolutionary card game; just like it was said to be, instead, they stopped focusing on the online game and turned it into crap.

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