UFS Canadian Nationals 2008 Report

Alright, so here is a report of the Canadian Nationals 2008 held at Anime North.

Of course, this isn’t a player report, it’s a judge report.

First off, we waited to get our awesome event passes of awesomness
Then it’s off to the event location. Sadly, a couple of the guys were late so me and my friend decided to help Jonathan go to his car and pick up the prize support and awesome posters.

After going around the dealer’s room Friday for a bit, I stopped at artist’s ally, which I planned to stop by the Udon Booth to get a card autographed to be added to the first place prize. Lucky for me, the artist was there. Jonathan was pretty surprised to see that I managed to get it autographed when I came back.

Saturday was the most busy day of the event, Jonathan was much quicker than me and Jay when it came to people calling for a Judge, seriously, I swear that guy’s a ninja.

Unfortunately I couldn’t be there for the top 8 and Final 4, I had a few other matters to attend too, but it was a great weekend, especially when it came to seeing the cosplayers.

You can also see a video I recorded at the Canadian Nationals in the Videos Section.

Who doesn’t want one of these awesome things?

We had quite a few players, and we even had a Terry Bogard

“Are You Okay? BUSTAH WOLF!”

Seriously though, every time I checked up on the players and
checked up on this guy,

I kept saying “Are you okay? Okay!” in a Terry voice.

I had a lot of fun judging at this event, and meeting the other event organizers and chatting with a few of the players, especially taking one of Hatman’s hats for a bit.
In the end it was Jon Herr who made it to first place, and I congratulate him on a job well done.

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